Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to Couchbound's Halloween Spooktacular!

It's been a while since we did a special event (*cough*80's Week*cough*) and I've been feeling the need to go completionist on a series. As such, for the entire month of October, we're going to do something different. Instead of a random smattering of movies and series, like always, we're going to instill some order and actually watch an entire spooky series during October's weekdays and save the weekends for horror/thriller/weird films (so we don't burn out or get boring).

What series, you ask, has the honors of dominating so much of Couchbound's time and energy? Why it's none other than David Lynch's ode to noir detective series, Twin Peaks!

Filled with monsters, ghosts, and otherworldly demons... not to mention backwards speaking oracles, quirky townsfolk, and damned fine cups of coffee... Twin Peaks was the Lost of its day, and paved the way for so much more weirdness to come. Why, if it weren't for Twin Peaks, I doubt we'd have The X-Files, Lost, Fringe (whose entire run is now on Netflix), or Pushing Daisies.

Coming in at 30 Episodes (31 if you count the 90-minute pilot as two), it would almost be perfect to watch an episode a day and call it good, but that can get a little stale... and I think we're already going to be pushing it just doing a single series on weekdays for an entire month.

With only 23 weekdays in said month, we're going to have quite a few days that are pulling two episodes at a time, but we've done that before. Just don't expect them to increase word count all that startlingly, is what I'm saying. :)

And I think that about covers it!

Hope you'll enjoy the coming weeks of chills and thrills and just random weirdness (oh, David... your mind is a creepy, creepy puzzle) and come join us later today for the pilot episode of Twin Peaks.

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