Friday, October 11, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-four - Twin Peaks: Season 2, Episodes 2 & 3, "Relationships are HARD! Everything's HARD!"

It's Friday, here at Couchbound and we're continuing our month-long Halloween Spooktacular with a double dose of Twin Peaks. Due to how many episodes we have left to go and how quickly the month is moving by, I think every Friday will be a twofer from the series.

Anyways, We've finally moved past the intense action and drama of the first season finale and second season premiere and are dealing with the fallout of all that was left unresolved which, since it's Twin Peaks, is a lot!

After the first of the three prophecies that The Giant gave him while he lay wounded come true, Agent Cooper is convinced there's more to Laura's slaying than Leo and Jacques' drug and sex trade angle. This idea is confirmed when he finds the other two prophecies coming to pass as well. Meanwhile, back in Canada (*shudder*), Audrey makes a move of her own at One-Eyed Jack's which manages to put her in even more jeopardy.

I'm so happy that there's more supernatural bits going on. Whether it's a second visit from The Giant or Maddie's visions it's all grandly entertaining stuff. Let me tell you, seeing BOB (Frank Silva) come at you with his slow, dangerous pace... like a panther stalking its prey, crawling over furniture in a POV shot... it's actually pretty terrifying! This is why I love Twin Peaks (well, one of the reasons) and am always happy when the weirdness takes a more prominent role. Honestly, why was it absent from the Season 1 finale?

These episodes also feature a bit more of my favorite forensics expert, Albert. There's just something about Miguel Ferrer's matter of fact delivery of such viciously sarcastic lines that brings an instant smile to my face... even when he defends himself as a pacifist who idolizes Gandhi and King. Plus, seeing Albert and Truman grab each other by the shirt collar is a hoot!

I've married a monster!
There are some silly subplots on display, like Lucy's pregnancy by a melodramatic menswear salesman and, of course, the love triangle between James, Donna, and Maddie (which I could totally do without), but overall there's a great deal of progress to be found in these two episodes... especially when it comes to getting the word out about BOB via his sketch and revealing the identity of Jacques Renault's killer.

One final mention... the hospital scene where Nadine wakes up thinking she's a teenager again after breaking steel chain restraints? The look of sheer terror on Ed's face (and, believe me... that's TERROR, not confusion) is bloody priceless! Kudos to Everett McGill. Best moment of the night for me!

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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