Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-eight - Twin Peaks: Season 2, Episode 6, "Dang, Josie... you get around almost as much as Laura."

With very little supernatural going on this THIS episode, as well, I'm starting to get seriously bummed. There's a little, what with The Owl and MIKE making an appearance at the very end, explaining just what he and BOB are (Inhabiting Spirits), but still... no visions, no BOB. I need my fix, man. Gimme some Red Room, Davy, just a little! I'm hurting bad, man. Real bad.

Still, there's a little plain old, generic, human drama that's entertaining. Bobby and Shelly get the Vegetable Also Known As Leo home (with much less disability money than they were expecting), Josie is pressured to cut all her ties in Twin Peaks by her creepy "brother," and Ben tries to get cozy with the enigmatic Tojamura. Still no revelation on "him" yet, but it's obvious that's a terrible makeup job that is hiding someone's true identity.

Speaking of, I love Pete's attempts to socialize with Tojamura. It's going to make the revelation of who Tojamura is just that much sweeter. But that's a spoiler and I think that promised I'd blog as if this were a virginal run through the series. No matter what, that makeup really makes it obvious that some sort of shenanigans are going on... and it was especially risky of Ben to hand over Tojamura's cashier's check to Josie without signing any paperwork.

While Audrey doesn't have much to say after being rescued, I think the best part of the episode was when Ben tries to comfort her in that smarmy way he has while we all (well, the audience and Audrey) just know he was trying to get into her naughty bits while she was a masked new girl up at Jack's. Too bad she didn't make him squirm with her new found leverage. Coop's good enough with body language that he had to know that something was up, but nary a word... just formalities.

This episode also brought the first in-person appearance of David Lynch, himself. We'd heard him earlier on the phone, as Coop's supervisor, but this was the first time we'd seen his FBI Director persona in the flesh. I love the gag with the overly huge hearing aid and comically bad lip readings. I don't like how he hints that Albert (Miguel Ferrer) isn't coming back, though. Taking it as a first-time watcher, that would've seriously disappointed me. Funny character, even still... and just the sort of drop-in that I'd reserve for myself if I were in his place, so kudos.

I think that my main disappointment in the episode is the silly thriller section that carried over from last episode where Donna and Maddie attempt to get Laura's secret journal from the shut-in, Harold. His self-mutilation and trust issues are just so much cheap fluff... and his anguished wails after they leave were some of the hammiest acting that I've seen in forever.

Well, not really. This is Twin Peaks, after all... where hammy acting is the norm. Still, it was a bit over the top, even for them.

Overall, this wasn't the best episode or the worst. There were annoying bits and entertaining ones, so... as long as some happiness could be had from the watch, then I guess it was worth it. It's just so uneven. But that's the reason folks watch Soaps, right? You latch on to what you like religiously and ignore the rest. It reminds me of my sister fast-forwarding through General Hospital to get to the couples she loved, lo those many years ago.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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