Friday, October 25, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Ninety-eight - Twin Peaks: Season 2, Episodes 16 & 17, "First Tony Jay, Now David Warner. A Pity."

I don't know whether to attribute it to the general lack of caring everyone seemed to have at this point in the second season or an attempt at capriciousness on behalf of the writers, but David Warner appeared (with fire in his eyes)... and then he died.

What a waste.

The same thing happened to Tony Jay a few episodes ago when he appeared at Leland's funeral, then died almost as quick and in flagrante delicto with the woman every man loves (literally). Sure, prime time television is full of examples of special celebrity guest stars showing up as one-off villains and victims. It's almost tradition. Still, I would've preferred more from the infamous Thomas Eckhardt.

Where first season Josie and Catherine sparred with mysterious trysts and subtle acts and double crosses you didn't see coming, the final repose of the Sheriff's femme fatale girlfriend is a quick deluge of madness, murder, and fright... as she scared... herself... to death!


While not as horrendously bad as last night's episode, today's double feature is only a notch or two above it. Not even the introduction of two new characters can save the season (or series) in my eyes... not Heather Graham's Annie or Billy Zane's convenient cowboy. It's funny just how easily Audrey falls under Zane's spell due to the behind the scenes shenanigans by Laura Flynn Boyle, or so rumor says. And it's just those sorts of rumors that make it easy to see how little both the actress and character cared that James was leaving the series.

They are just rumors, though, so I shouldn't pay them any mind. Can't help but think about the whole thing in that context, however. Once a seed of doubt is planted, it takes root.

There's a little bit of the supernatural to brighten things up, but it's still being done in a haphazard way that feels more like a token effort than actual, intentional plotting. Whether it's BOB or The Man from Another Place howling/dancing on Josie's corpse or her soul apparently imprinting itself on a knob, I feel like it's too little, too late.

More bad acting and pointless scenes... Truman goes bonkers, there's an inexplicable fashion show/ferret mauling, and Coop meets his soul mate. How quickly he forgets Audrey. Oh well. Windham Earle is supposed to be a looming threat as he plays around with the three current contenders for Miss Twin Peaks. His disguises are laughable at best, suspicious at worst. If I were Donna or Shelly, I would've called Coop and Truman immediately.

But that's shitty writing for you.

The fire is officially gone, I think. There is very little that could save this series from itself (not even Fire Walk With Me, if it were available on Instant Stream). I knew this was going to happen, of course, but it's hard to have it play out day by day, continuously. I almost wish that I had skipped the weekend horror flicks for our Spooktacular, just so this would've been over quicker. Twin Peaks is a mad dog, at this point... waiting to be put down. Just a few short days left, though. I can make it. I hope.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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