Friday, October 4, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Seventy-seven - Twin Peaks: Season 1, Episodes 4 & 5, "Welcome to the Bookhouse Boys, Coop."

Our journey with Agent Cooper continues today during Couchbound's Halloween Spooktacular as we review two episodes and draw ever closer to that first season finale.

Halfway through season one and Coop is still only getting dribs and drabs of evidence and information, either forensic or supernatural, to help him discern the identity of Laura Palmer's killer. That doesn't stop the intrigue in Twin Peaks from beginning to boil over, though, as life (and the dangers it presents) begins to go on for its residents even as they try and deal with Laura's absence by finally laying her body (but, perhaps, not her soul) to rest.

As everyone gathers for the funeral, lots of things are happening in the background.

Sheriff Truman and the rest of the Bookhouse Boys alert Agent Cooper about the existence of, then invite him to join, their secret society. It seems that they're hot on the trail of the drug connection in Twin Peaks, which might have something to do with Laura's death. This puts Leo and several other local Black Hats on alert.

There's also more drama concerning Ed/Nadine/Norma with the fact that Nadine is all lovey-dovey again and Norma is dealing with her soon to be paroled husband... as well as continuing plot that deals with the sawmill and the affair between Ben Horne and Catherine.

For such a small town, Twin Peaks certainly has more than its fair share of Soapy melodrama.

As per the norm, everything is connected. Ben and Catherine are having a trist (that Josie is shadowing) at the same motel that Coop and Truman confront the one-armed man... but is it their one-armed man or just someone who looks like Mike from Coop's dream (a fact which will resolve itself in episodes to come).

I love how Andy is your typical small town goofball cop who drops his gun and cries at almost every situation. It's a sweet sort of "Aw, Shucks" character that you can't help but love purely out of pity... especially during his mopey moments where Lucy gives him the cold shoulder.

There are also more Audrey moments to love, like when she sits down with Coop at the breakfast table only to be easily caught out (via her handwriting) that she wrote him the mysterious letter cluing him into One-Eyed Jack's. I especially loved how she tried to play hard to get by saying she's busy, but instantly fell for Coop's perfume compliment and stayed anyway. I can't say I'm all that thrilled with her "please let me be your daughter again" act for her father, but I really liked the bathroom scene at the high school where she and Donna compared notes about their separate investigations.

Twin Peaks is ever filled with breadcrumb after breadcrumb. In the meta-sense, I know that it won't be too long before certain parties are revealed and things get even wackier, but just trying to judge it as if this were my first viewing of the series, I'd like to think that there's plenty enough to keep my attention thanks to the wide, wide variety of storylines that all crash into each other, creating events you can't entirely predict.

I mean, sure, it's easy to see that something was going to happen between Bobby and James at the funeral, but even with his odd behavior, you wouldn't expect Leland to jump on top of the casket... let alone break the bloody thing!

And the Bookhouse Boys... what a weird development. Who'd've thought that there'd be a small organization of White Hats to combat the obviously organized Black Hats around town. Everyone just seemed so small town folksy at first, but Lynch gradually made them all complex as time wore on. It probably would've felt more natural for Truman and company to vet Agent Cooper a bit more before letting him into their playhouse, but oh well.

One final note... look out for the first appearance of The Owl (at least, I think it's the first... I've already been wrong before). Important, important creature!

And I think that will do it for our first week of Twin Peaks for our special Halloween Spooktacular Month. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be taking a brief break from Agent Cooper, et al, to watch some horror flicks, then it's back on the trail of Laura Palmer's killer (and all that entails) fresh on Monday.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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