Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Ninety - Twin Peaks: Season 2, Episode 8, "Chicks and Ducks and Geese better scurry...."

After the violent and mysterious end to last night's episode, it would've been hard to imagine how David could've topped it... and he kinda, sorta didn't.

While nothing was awesome as The Giant's bit of freestyle poetry at the Roadhouse or BOB's terrifying attack on the poor, ill-fated Maddie (whose visions of blood on the carpet were more than a little prophetic), this episode was still fairly decent, packed as it was with more BOB antics, close calls, and almost-got-ems.

BOB is definitely still behind the wheel of Leland's body as every single reflection the audience is privy to reveals BOB's face instead of Leland's, and boy is he taking advantage.

After playing what looks to be a hundred or so golf balls worth of chipping practice in the very same living room he just murdered Maddie in, BOB pops the club bag with her body in it into the trunk of his car and takes a trip to the Great Northern to regale its guests with a dance routine. From there he takes a leisurely drive towards the golf course, only to be pulled over by Truman and Cooper, and seriously tempts fate by offering to show Coop his new clubs.

For just a split second you think he's going to be found out, both when Coop comes around the back of the car and when BOB hefts a driver in an almost menacing fashion behind him. Talk about a tense moment that, for me, was the best of the night.

No, Fortune favors BOB today, it seems as every single person who is investigating Laura's death is none the wiser... save for Agent Cooper who seems to think something is amiss, but can't put his finger on it.

Anyways, Pete visits Ben Horne in jail with a message from Catherine that is just delightful to see. Well, the message is so much blackmail fluff, but Pete's reactions and laughter are just delicious. It's great to see Jack Nance (who plays Pete) get some juicy moments to act out. He's one of my favorite of Lynch's regulars along with Everett McGill. Such a shame that he's no longer with us.

Barely anything from James and Donna, which makes me deliriously happy, but far too much with Hank and Norma. Looks like another subplot is brewing in dirty Hank's mind. Honestly, I think the only reason this new wrinkle was added was to keep Hank fresh in our memory as he hasn't really had much to do the past few episodes. Bleh, I could definitely live without him anyway. At least we know, through heavy hinting, that it's Norma's mother who is the food critic that she's been waiting on. No hint that Norma's caught on, though.

There was one GIGANTIC flaw to the episode, though... and it came in the form of a flashback sequence for Ben and Jerry. It's a weird bit about an older girl dancing in the dark for them as children that is shot in slow-motion and just goes on forevvvvveeeeer. What a complete waste of time for a throwaway sequence. I get that it's supposed to contrast their previous innocence with the dastardly men they are now, but still, a horrible piece of filmwork on behalf of David, et al.

Quick shout-out to Andy and Lucy for telling her busybody sister to shut-up... particularly Andy. It's not often that he sticks up for himself, but when he does it's grand! Another quick mention for Maddie's body in the plastic in a direct repeat of Sheryl Lee as Laura's body in the opening episode... just with dark hair instead of blond this time. Good symmetry.

So, to sum up, not as great as last night, but that's a high bar to reach. Still, pretty darn fun (save for that one bit), if I do say so myself.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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