Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-two - Twin Peaks: Season 1, Episode 8, "Cliffhangers... cliffhangers as far as the eye can see!"

As the season draws to a close, storylines come to a head and massive drama awaits all those who view "The Last Evening."

Still at One-Eyed Jacks, both Coop and Audrey work their own angles... Cooper sweet talking Jacques across the border back into American jurisdiction and Audrey infiltrating Blackie's cathouse to find out anything she can about Laura's death.

Back in Twin Peaks, Leo attempts revenge on Shelly for shooting him (and getting out from under his thumb) by attempting to make her death a twofer as he ties her up at the Sawmill, hoping she goes up in flames when he torches it. Leo then confronts Bobby only to be shot by Hank who is tying up loose ends.

Can we get more convoluted?

Yes... yes, we can, as James and Donna search Jacoby's office and find the Coconut which has both the half-heart locket and her last tape which seems to implicate Leo. While that's going on, Jacoby heads straight to the Gazebo and attempts to contact Laura (Maddie in a blonde wig) only to be assaulted by an unknown party.


Skipping forward a bit, Jacques is shot by Andy while trying to escape and confesses to his part of the wild night at his cabin with Leo, Laura, and Ronette. Unfortunately for him, a distraught father doesn't want to wait for the facts to come in and takes justice into his own hands. RIP, Jacques. Them Renault boys... they be dropping like fat, maple syrup soaked flies.

Best of the Best (or Worst of the Worst, depending on your perspective) are the final few seconds where Agent Cooper is shot by an unknown assailant, point blank, three times... aaaaand scene.

If Twin Peaks didn't get a second season, that most definitely would've been the worst way to end it. No BOB, no "Fire Walk With Me," and Audrey left to her own devices in a whorehouse... in CANADA (*bone-chilling scream*). It would be like if Dallas ended with J.R. getting shot (maybe that's a little too on the nose) or if Fringe ended with Peter disappearing from both universes and never a reason given why.

Luckily for us, though, Lynch & Company managed to squeak another full season out of the Network (which we'll continue with tomorrow). Still, as season finales go, this one had pretty much all the goods. A decent amount of action (Andy, Hank, Catherine), lots of mysteries coming to completion (Leo/Shelly, The Sawmill, The Night at the Cabin), and plenty more to keep the average viewer salivating for more (Audrey as the Queen of Diamonds, Coop getting shot). I'm certainly glad I'm not waiting for the fall to come around for the season 2 premiere, I'll tell you what.

Still... no BOB. Pretty disappointing, in that regard. At the very least, I wanted him to show up in a dream sequence or something (*hint, hint for the season 2 premiere*), but oh well.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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