Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Eighties Week!

I'm feeling the need... the need for cheesy 80's schlock!

For some inexplicable reason last night, I had a serious jones to watch White Nights with Gregory Hines and Baryshnikov... and Helen Mirren! I had forgotten she was in that film until I queued up Lionel Richies' Say You, Say Me on Youtube.

Unfortunately, the Cold War/Buddy/Ballet/Escape film that I desire to watch is NOT available for stream on Netflix at the moment. Bumsville.

Instead, I'll be bringing you tons of other 80's gems and/or dreck depending on just how much of a nostalgia lens remains deep in your heart of cinema hearts. I'm going to try and break it up by doing television and films on alternating days, but we'll see how that works in the schedule.

Until then, enjoy this picture that looks like it could've fallen out of a Tiger Beat!

Run, run, run, ruuuuuun, run, run... run, run, run, ruuuuuuun, run run!

Also, this video~

Alright... that's enough beefcake to pander to the ladies. How bout a little something for us dudes?

Oh yeaaaah... now that's what I'm talking about! By the Power of Greyskull, indeed!

And let's not forget Phoebe Cates!

Ah, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, how true you were then and now.

Stay Tuned, Potatoes~

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