Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day Thirty-three - Phineas and Ferb: Season 3, Episode 23, or "Buford deserves the spotlight"

While it's been lampshaded and spoofed several times over the course of the series that they'd be a great (or at least, more entertaining) team, usually Doof and Perry are at each other's throats.

Every couple of episodes, though, the two take a break from the typical schemes and -Inators to do something non-evil. A long while back it was decorating Vanessa's party. A few dozen episodes later it was travelling the world trying to save Vanessa (who didn't need it) from her trip to Paris with P&F, etc., etc..

This particular episode, the two are in Doof's home country of Drusselstein so that he can renew his drivers license. Nothing evil about it, really, so all Perry has to do is keep Doof company... which leads to a nice little musical segment of Heinz taking the driver's test, something that is completely terrifying in Drusselstein.

I'm still not quite sure why he needs a Drusselsteinian driver's license... or how it's legal in the Tri-State Area to have one, but it's an unimportant detail, I suppose. One of those unanswered ironies.

I always love it when Drusselstein shows up in the show. Usually it's in flashback, but here it's modern day... and it still looks like the tiny country is a throwback to the eastern European villages from monster movies of yore.

Any episode that breaks the monotony of Perry and Doof's usual shenanigans is fine by me, especially if it features a nice cameo by Vanessa. In this one, she's helping Candace to try and find a book on the scientific method. Not many lines, but her voice actress (Olivia Olsen) get's to do a version of the Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. jingle that is just too cute.

Anywho, fun stuff!

Moving on, over the hundred or so episodes of P&F that have aired the past several years, there have been plenty of them dedicated to the side characters. Usually, it's Isabella, Baljeet, or... weirdly enough... Irving, who get the spotlight, but it's rare that Buford gets his own focus.

Most times he only gets decent lines or character depth in conjunction with Baljeet as they are a pretty okay two-man routine, but after the globe-trotting of Summer Belongs To You, I was seriously jonesing for some context to Buford's inexplicable hidden depths.

Luckily, the second part of this particular episode delivered.

Apparently, he had a secret (but innocent, mind you) love affair with a Parisian moppet who appreciated his brash American lack of, well, everything. While there in Paris (for her), he learned French, poetry, etc..

Hilarious, but too short of an explanation for me.

I would rather the whole thing be a sort of flashback episode for him, but instead we get a chase sequence where he is dressed as a bear and chased by a trio of French Fireside Girls, one of whom happens to be his past ladylove and whom he doesn't want to be seen by.

It's an alright episode, but, after building myself up and expecting more from a Buford centered joint, I felt a little let down. That's my problem, though... not the show's. I cannot fault them in any way since they always keep me smiling.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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