Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day Thirty-eight - Psych: Season 6, Episode 4, or "Tapman's Sandy Revenge!"

Alright, I hate to say it, but Psych is a stupid, stupid show... but it's FUN!

I've been a fan since it first started airing, finding the pop culture references and general nerdiness appealing, not to mention the fact that Maggie Lawson is adorable.

That said, I almost never Spot the Pineapple and rarely find the actual mystery of the week at all compelling.

I do understand that it's not really the point of the show, the procedural just being an excuse for James Roday and Dulé Hill to get their buddy hijinks on and give Corbin Bernsen a steady paycheck, but I still wish they at least tried a little harder to not make the clues your typical deus ex hyper-observations on the part of Roday's Shawn.

Sure, again... it's not the point... but I am what I am.

This episode was more than full of the typical cheese, being a comic-book movie sendup with a masked vigilante named The Mantis. Shawn, of course, get's jealous and Gus (Dulé) is goofy in his alter ego, Tapman... which is just him with tap shoes and a sandbag. Not exactly keeping a secret identity, I guess. I can safely say that I AM getting sick of Gus (and Shawn, for that matter) just bumbling around like Keystone Cops.

Still, it kept me guessing... since a lot of the subtle nods made me want to pin the vigilante as Jules. She, too, wore longsleeves after the warehouse biting incident (just, uh... just watch the episode) and she was conveniently absent when the Mantis was sighted. Until the Mantis sorta commits murder.


Granted, they had me going until that point... a good half hour into the show.

I guess they didn't do it as it would be too hard to wave away Shawn not noticing or rectify it with her status as an officer of the law, though ACTUAL comic book superheros (I mean, actually characters in real comics, not real superheroes) have managed to do just that with varying degrees of success.

Would've been the brave/fun thing to do... instead of the actual Mantis being a mild mannered reporter (too overdone). And I totally had the way for them to do it, too, as a massive stunt to fool Shawn! Maybe I should spec that and send it in. Who knows? Couldn't hurt!

Anyways, I wouldn't recommend Psych to anyone but fans... it's a fun show, but a bit light on any sort of depth. A good background noise show, but mostly just sound and fury.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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