Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day One Hundred and Twenty-five - MLP:FiM: Season 2, Episode 4, "Oh, Luna, You're the Cutest Princess EVER!"

So, it's been a really damn busy weekend.

Cleaning, driving, more cleaning. Seriously, it's like I've had absolutely no extra time. I almost completely forgot about the blog twice over the past three days. That's two-thirds of the time, nearly spacing out my regular appointment for the year.

In any case, to wind down, I've been watching My Little Pony.

Now, I admit, that I'm terrible at converting people to this show. Of all my friends, not a single one has fallen prey to my pronouncements as to its awesomeness. This fact makes me infinitely sad, but I'll deal, just like I always deal with my infinite sadness... with Smashing Pumpkins, a tub of ice cream, and more My Little Pony.

Tonight's episode was the halloween-themed revelry that is Nightmare Night in Equestria, a traditional celebration where folks dress up, collect candy, and play games to shield themselves from the searching gaze of Nightmare Moon, the Dread Princess of the Night, who gobbles up any pony she sees unless they leave her tribute.

Of course the actual Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna (who was redeemed in the pilot two-parter of season 1), is more than a bit unhappy that people still revile her as an evil pony-gobbler, but Twilight Sparkle is having none of that... enlisting her friends, some reluctantly, to help Luna win over the townsfolk.

I love these kinds of episodes, where a guest pony acts as an Outsider so that Twilight and company can teach both the town and the audience what it means to be tolerant and accepting.

I especially love THIS episode, though, because Luna is Best Princess.

The fun has been DOUBLED!
She's cute, awkward, and just adorkable whether she's trying to moderate her personal volume level or doubling the fun. There's just something about the way she's played as timidly enthusiastic that appeals to me... maybe because I love seeing Fluttershy often do the same thing.

Sure, it's a bit of a stretch that Pip and the others come around at the end, begging Luna not to cancel Nightmare Night because they LIKE being scared, but it's still a fun little episode with some cute cameos from from several background ponies.

Plus, it's good to see Zecora without her mohawk. She looks so much better with her hair down and covered in spiders!

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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