Friday, May 31, 2013

Day One Hundred and Fifty-one - BONES: Season 1, Episode 19, "Who do that Voodoo that you do so weeeeeelllllll~"

I think I may have found my zen center when it comes to BONES.

I only watch it now when one of two conditions are met: either I'm already drunk (or well on my way to a buzz) or I'm in the mood to make an impromptu Rifftrax out of my evening's viewings.

Both of these are pretty much necessity by this point because I can't watch this show and take it seriously anymore... it's just too preposterous, especially if you take this particular episode as an example. Why? Because it's the voodoo one.

Seriously. Voodoo.

It's not like I fault them for it. It actually looks like the writers are trying to give an actual serious explanation of the religion without resorting to cheese and hokum. Both the positive and negative aspects are presented via a case of ritualistic murder where Tempy is the main suspect in a killing... you know, considering she wakes up covered in blood and without memory of her past two days.

That aside, though... BONES is just patently ridiculous.

Evidence tampering, illegal investigations, lack of recusing due to conflict of interest... this episode in particular highlights all the things that are completely unbelievable and could be forgiven in singular instances, but not as a pattern of behavior for anyone. It would be one thing if the series was based off of Kathy Reichs' books, but the show explicitly says it's based off her actual life.

Sure. Whatever, guys.

It's also ridiculous that a random comment about Brennan and Angela's heights being larger than Hodgin's is what spurs the groundwork for his courting of the latter. I mean we go from a joke to him jonesing on her in one quick step? Stop being so damn lazy.

You know, I love strong female protagonists... but Tempy is not a good example. Nor is Angela. And Booth is not a good male role model, nor is Hodgins or Zack. The closest the entire cast comes in that regard lies in Dr.Goodman... and, from what I hear, he gets booted next season. Blech.

I think I'd much rather be watching Fringe for its strong female lead... and I will, soon. But I promised myself I'd get to the episodes of BONES with Stephen Fry. I shall not break that promise.

My only hope is that I don't run out of Canadian Mist and Diet Coke Lime before then.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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