Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day One Hundred and Thirty-one - MLP:FiM: Season 2, Episode 8, "Batpony to the Rescue! And without personal tragedy~"

I think that this has to be my favorite episode. I mean, yes, I love Luna in Nightmare Night and could squee at pretty much whatever Fluttershy does, but there's just something about a superhero episode that makes me happy.

Unless it's Psych. I'm sorry (Brit), but The Catch and Tap-Man are terrible. That's kinda the point, but... wait a minute, this is off topic.

Back to MLP... I love The Mysterious Mare-do-well. She embodies Truth, Justice, and the Equestrian Way without bragging or hamming it up, which is the point of the episode.

You see, Rainbow Dash makes quite an impression early on in the episode by saving not only a filly trapped in a well, but a baby carriage about to plummet off a cliff.

The townsfolk love her so much that it all starts going to her head and she begins to become a braggart jerk who is full of herself. I mean, way to be a TOOL Rainbow Dash.

That doesn't sit right with Mare-do-well, a masked hero who decides to start beating RD to crisis after crisis, saving the day so that Rainbow doesn't get the recognition she thinks she deserves.

Mare-do-well's exploits become so popular and RD so desperate for attention that the former gets a special celebration and the latter starts creating disasters from minor inconveniences (unmowed grass, a stuck lid on a jar) to try and win back the townsfolk.

As far as fables go, like most episodes of MLP, the lesson to be learned is quite obvious, as is the secrety identity of Mare-do-well, if you're paying attention.

Still, that last chase sequence where Rainbow Dash tries to unmask Mare-do-well but keeps getting turned around by her apparently preternatural speed and cunning is fun as heck. Sure, RD eventually catches up and manages to defrock the purple-clad heroine, but the antics are fun and ring of Scooby Doo.

Overall, while there's nothing really gush-worthy about this episode (no "yay" moments for Fluttershy ;P), it still ranks as my favorite.

Well... most days.

It's hard not to consider any episode with Fluttershy or Luna or Discord my favorite on the day that I watch it.

As always, the series is totally worth it... I just wish I could convince my friends of that. It's lonely being a Brony in my peer-group. ;_;

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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