Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day One Hundred and Forty-two - TEDTalks: Sex, Secrets, and Love: Episode 5, Brené Brown, "Deep Vulnerability? Have you met me, woman?"

Busy day, today, so I only had time to cruise a TEDTalk on my lunch break. Kinda feels like cheating, but not as much as, say, watching Pucca or anything.

Sometimes TEDTalks have such deep insight into one's soul through calm and concentrated logic that it can be baffling, figuratively mind-blowing (see, nerds? I didn't say "literally") enough to warrant huge emotional swings and an almost drunken euphoria.

Then, sometimes, all you want to do after (and during) some Talks is to cry.

I think that I was definitely in the latter category listening to Brené Brown talk about some striking similarities that she has found in her research into shame and overall happiness.

It's not a long talk... but, then again, most aren't... and she manages to paint her thesis in very broad strokes, not bogging us down in actual data points or sets, almost to the detriment of her presentation's hypothesis, but I still found myself with tears in my eyes throughout her storytelling.

That's one of her ice-breaking moments, by the way, her freaking out over a booker wanting to describe her purely as a "storyteller" as opposed to her lofty title of "researcher."


For such a short talk that really was light in the bytes, it was pretty amazing just how quickly she could latch onto my vulnerabilities (which is ironic... you'll just have to watch and see why) and force me to think about why my life is currently the way it is, and may continue to be.

While it wasn't really groundbreaking or awe-inspiring, Brené did manage to tap a line on some insecurities that both gave me worry and hope for the future... and I both love and hate when that happens.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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