Monday, June 3, 2013

Day One Hundred and Fifty-four - Continuum: Season 1, Episode 5, "Ah, ye olde Grandfather Paradox"

I was wondering when they'd get around to this one.

Instead of heading at The Protector in a straightforward manner, the recently reunited Liber8 crew are steering in the direction of testing the Grandfather Paradox on Kiera, tracking down and trying to murder her grandmother in our present day a la Terminator.

Of course, they clue Kiera in by not hiding the first body (stupid mistake) and she and her present day partner, Carlos/Alec, start tracking down possible grandmas until Kiera comes face to face with her past... and Granny Jones is not the woman they were expecting.

I think it's actually pretty hilarious the way this one plays out... and more than a bit sad, considering that Kellog is dealt a serious blow to his morale. It does open up a wide range of possibilities for the series, though, by not deciding on one possible interpretation of causality (something that bogs down Star Trek so much).

I do find myself liking Kellog more and more, hopefully, with this new motivator, he'll join the side of the angels a bit more whole-heartedly, but we'll see. Feel kinda bad for the object of his affection, though. Meet a guy, he helps you and your family out, then you're kidnapped and shot in the chest by a spiteful terrorist who can't shoot his real enemy.


Continuum is still rough around the edges and uber-cheesy, but it takes a few risks that American television wouldn't (thank you, Canada), and manages to be more interesting that most prime-time procedurals (which I can only stand due to shippage most times). I certainly like it more than BONES, that's for sure.

Until tomorrow, potatoes~

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