Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day Twenty-two - Dr.Who: Series 1, Episodes 9 & 10, or "Women (and some men) SWOON for Capt.Jack!"

Alright, I'm quickly burning out on Dr.Who again and need to revitalize with other media, so... in the interests of due diligence... I'm making today's post cover the two interconnected episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances."

I do this mainly because these are the intro episodes for Captain Jack Harkness, 51st Century Time Agent (former), out to make a quick buck and romance anything with a sex drive... and I do mean that literally.

It seems that Capt. Jack is using a Chula "warship" as a lure for time travelers to bring them to London during the Blitzkrieg. In doing so, he's inadvertently released a swarm of nanobots that are rewriting humans into a flawed hybrid of what those bots think humans should look like... namely a four year old boy, presently cadeverish, and with a pointed Mommy fetish.

Seems the child is going around, searching for his mother aimlessly, not quite recognizing that he's turning anything he touches (and eventually breathes on) into mindless drones in gasmasks.

But The Doctor is on the case, and he and Rose are there to team up with, flirt, and waggle their fingers under the nose of, you guessed it, Capt. Jack.

Jack Harkness is pretty much a fan favorite and, if my recollection of fandom is accurate enough, has been from the start. That sort of devil may care, suave mentality... always up for a shag and equal opportunity as to who with, Capt. Jack is sex in uniform.

And American, if his accent holds true. Would've thought accents would shift in thirty-one centuries (at least to something NOT British) and, I guess, they have.

Anyways, the episodes draw out the drama as the trio plus Mary (the only person actually supposed to be in London during the Blitz) get chased here and there, first by the kid and then by the drones. Really, there are plenty of points where any and all of them should've been captured and converted. Especially in those long, dithering sequences when they're supposedly trapped, only to be given a reprieve at the last second.


Still, it's a relatively fun and lighthearted episode, even considering the dark tone of the war, the orphans, the sick, and the unwed teenaged mothers. I think that's mostly due to Capt. Jack and the jealous back and forth he and The Doctor have over Rose.

Over Rose, though? I mean, Billy Piper's alright, but she's no Karen Gillian... and certainly no Alex Kingston. Rawr! Her and Claudia Black, man. Smart women with guns! Yowza.


Anyways, at least she's no Donna. (Ouch! Poor Catherine Tate~)

As I mentioned above, I'm a little burnt out on The Doctor, so I'm going to step away for a few days and watch something else, but don't worry. I've promised to soldier on.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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