Friday, January 11, 2013

Day Eleven - Phineas and Ferb: Season 2, Episode 7, or "Lorenzo Lamas has range!"

The Chronicles of Meap is another of my favorite P&F episodes for several key reasons.

First, it adds to the Ferb/Vanessa shippage canon by having the two meet briefly during Ferb's musical rockabilly montage as he pilots Meap's souped up spaceship around the solar system (and beyond as there's a brief cameo of P&F's interstellar milkshake shoppe). Sure, it's big on the cheese and nothing really passes between them other than a single lyric and a few looks, but anything that brings these two closer together is fun in my book (can't wait to get to their team-up episode for the blog).

On top of that, Meap is just... well, too darn cute. Which is kind of the point, as his cuteness is used by Phineas to track him through Danville, a sore point with Isabella most of the episode as she desperately wants to be picked up on Phineas' cute meter. Well, she really just wants to be noticed by Phineas, but is forced to be passive-aggressive about it.

Another key boon to this episode is Mitch... or, as some folks call him, BIG Mitch. Honestly, he's just as delightful as villain as Doofenshmirtz. The two have much in common, including their best friend Ballooney/Colin, who becomes a bone of contention between them.

Really, Mitch and his Universal Mustache Translator are pretty darn good gimmicks that could stand to be in the show more often. I don't even need Meap, just have Mitch show up to try and take over the world every now and then only to be thwarted by the combined efforts of Perry, Doof, and the kids (though the kids never know what Perry and Doof are up to). Those would be awesome episodes... especially if Vanessa was involved for more F/V shippage.

Meap and Mitch do come back in season 3 for Meapless in Seattle, but that's something for another day.

All in all, another solid P&F epi that ranks high in their catalog... and a pefect palate cleanser for the past couple of days worth of Dr.Who crapfests.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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