Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day Ten - Dr.Who: Series 1, Episode 4, or "The Return of the Stupid."

Aaaaaand we're back to this.

I want to give Dr.Who more credit. I really, really do. Especially since a good number of my friends love the show to death. Granted, they love Tennant and Smith... and we're still at least seven episodes away from the start of that era, but still.

After a not so annoying 19th century episode (that I didn't blog about), we're back in modern day London where, instead of being gone 12 hours, Rose and The Doctor have been gone a full year. Of course that means that Rickey (or is it Mickey) has been on the hook with everyone thinking he's murdered his girlfriend... at the instigation of Rose's mother who has been bereft at the loss of her daughter, going into full "search and advocate" mode in her grief.

Now... all that bit was actually the pretty decent part of the episode. It's light drama, nothing too serious, but actually was plausible as to what would happen to the people in a Companion's life while she's off gallivanting through time and space in the TARDIS.

What was it about this episode that get's under my skin? Oh, right... the villains.

Utterly ridiculous is the round about, almost Goldbergian plan the Slitheen have concocted. "What are we gonna do," they say to themselves in their super secret (and gassy) zipper-head cabal meetings. "We're going to launch a pig in a spaceship, have it crash into Big Ben, right after we kill the Prime Minister and replace him with a minor MP who is one of us."

Of course... that begs the question of, if they have enough access to kill the Prime Minister and stuff him in a closet at 10 Downing... WHY THE HECK CAN'T THEY JUST IMPERSONATE HIM?! Why do they have to go through all the theatrics? Oh, because they want to gather all the alien experts on Earth (most of them military, one of them The Doctor) so they can kill them.


It's all just so stupid. From the fart jokes to the plan to the Slitheen, themselves.


It would've been much better just to have the whole thing center around Rose and her mysterious return after her year-long absence and the ramifications of THAT... instead of shoving it all to the side with the utter tripe that was Aliens of London.

And the kicker? It's a two-parter!

There are many things I can't forgive of this episode... for one thing, they couldn't even mock up a convincing American news report that didn't look like it was pulled from the 80's. I mean, seriously? America is the lead producer of multimedia in the world. You can fake a BBC News broadcast for the show, but you can't find a sympathetic affiliate on our side of the Atlantic?

Then there's the overly-complicated plan. At least with the previous episodes, combat mannequins aside, I could sort of see the logic. Here it's just silly. TOO silly. But, this is Dr.Who we're talking about.

Still, at the very least, the creatures (once they leave their ridiculous skinbags behind) are better than the pilot epi's mannequins. I guess there's that.

Ah, well. I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to soldier on and hit the "thrilling conclusion" to this two-parter, but I will... eventually.

Right now, I need a pallette cleanser.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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