Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day Twelve - Phineas and Ferb: Season 2, Episode 12, or "BRING ME MORE SHIPPAGE!"

I think that I have to admit that I have a P&F addiction.

I've been watching them non-stop on Netflix lately, episode after episode, only coming up for air to work or sleep... my only worries being Netflix's tendency to stop after two episodes and ask me if I'm still conscious.

Of course, I'm still conscious, Netflix... stop delaying me and serve me up more youthful delight!

This post's episode is the aforementioned Vanessa and Ferb team up, but that's the second act. Up first we have The Baljeatles, where Baljeet feels he is in danger of getting a terrible grade in his Summer Rocks extra curricular class because he cannot embrace the rebel mentality of Rock'n'Roll.

P&F are on the case, though, and help him to create a punk rock music segment at the graduation concert that turns the A of Anarchy into the A of Achievement.

A fun bit, to be sure. Not my favorite of the many music videos the creators of P&F put together, but probably higher than some of those that made the Music Cliptastic Countdown episode that's a few half hours away.

The prime mover of the episode is the second half, where Vanessa is bugging her father Heinz to buy her a car so she doesn't have to ride on the back of his Vespa with him. He won't even consider it until she shows she can be responsible which is a surprisingly parental line of reasoning from him. I half expected Doof to require her to hatch some evil, Danville-conquering scheme to earn her wheels.

Good for Doof.

Anyways, Doof and Vanessa, as well as most of the Flynn-Fletchers (plus Stacey), not to mention Baljeet and Buford, are in giant mall scenario where they can be thrown together in a chase as everyone but Phineas and Mom are searching for the same MacGuffin (not to be confused with Mary MacGuffin from another Vanessa episode) for their own reasons.

This allows for the much anticipated Vanessa and Ferb team-up where she reluctantly has to suffer through his help in reaching her goal.

It's so cute to see her start off ambivalent, shift to incredulous, move to mildly accepting, then outright panic calling out for his aide. It's a nice sliding scale of winning someone over and I find it full of squee.

While the ultimate conclusion for Doof is unfortunate and we never find out if Vanessa got her wish and actually proved herself responsible to her father and earned that car, Vanessassary Roughness ends on the perfect note for me... with Ferb earning his first kiss from his boyhood crush.

Ah, youth.

Alright. I really need to step away from P&F for a while, at least for the blog's sake, if not my own. I wouldn't want Couchbound to become singleminded.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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