Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Sixty-nine - MLP:FiM: Season 3, Episode 9, "Baby Applejack? Hnnnngggghhhh!"

Wow, it's amazing how busy a day can get when you're least expecting it. I've cut dozens of shows, worked on NaNoWriMo prep, corralled two different local programs (though most of that was hands off), and still managed to find time to skip lunch *insert stomach grumbles here*. That said, I picked today to be a Free Day... anything I wanted to see, regardless of how recently I've watched just that.

The result? PONIES!

Today's episode is the season 3, Applejack-centered, story about her attempts to put on the best family reunion possible for all of her extended relations... everything from horrendously long and complicated obstacle courses to industrial sized fried food operations to extreeeeeeeeeme hayrides.

It must be hard for the writers to put together an episode, purely with Applejack in mind, that has her overcoming some personal flaw. On the whole, she's really the only member of the Mane 6 who has it all pretty much together and rarely worries about things unless she needs to. You're typical "older sister" type, she's hardworking, loyal, and honest to a fault. Heck, they had to invent an excuse to have her run away in season two by making her too ashamed that she failed to help the town all on her own.


They pretty much had to do the same thing here, making her act out of character, becoming overbearing and obsessive almost overnight. But, I suppose it's all good, though, as it's a rare thing to have a completely AJ-focused episode. "You take what you can get," is what I'm saying.

Plus, despite its main character acting a bit against type, there are some really poignant moments in the episode. We get to see two shooting stars in reference to her absent (possibly dead) parents, Granny Smith gives herself a very temporary facelift (which makes her look like a very cute filly), and there is a short flashback scene that shows an infant Applejack that is all but sure to give anyone who watches a cuteness overload heart attack.

Sure, since it's an Apple Family Reunion, Babs (along with her terrible accent) makes a guest appearance, but she's not as annoying as she was in her intro episode "Babs Seed" and there are plenty of Background Ponies around, like Fiddlesticks and Turnip Truck, to make me smile.

I guess I have two regrets. First is that the climax song is rather uninspired and boring. I was hoping for more, perhaps something breaking the country genre, but oh well... at least it was over fast. Second is that there aren't more cameos from the Mane 6 (+ Spike)... though, those that do make an appearance are pretty funny and cute. Personally, my favorite was AJ using Spike as a BIC lighter. Freaking. Hilarious.

Overall, despite its flaws, this episode of MLP:FiM is full of enough smiles and squees to make any Brony or Pegasister happy... and it certainly made my busy day end on a delightful note.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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