Monday, July 1, 2013

Day One Hundred and Eighty-two - Dr Who: Series 2, Episode 2, "Half a year gone... so fast, so slow."

Like a dog returning to his vomit, I just can't help coming back to The Doctor... especially when friends are over. Personally, I would've been satisfied with some communal Adventure Time or HIMYM.

Oh, well.

With David Tennant firmly in the driver's seat as the new Doctor, he and Rose travel far, far into the future and visit New Earth and New New York (but not my favorite New New York of Futurama ;_;). Once there, they find themselves in a typical pickle with an old foe.

Seems that the stretched flesh bag called Cassandra managed to survive her charring heatstroke back on Platform One in episode two of the first series (coincidence? or just lazy writing?) and is a bit resentful when she sees Rose gallivanting about on New Earth. Feeling in the mood for a walkabout, she steals Rose's body and decides to blackmail the Feline Sisters who run the future hospital that The Doctor has been called to via his psychic stationary.

There's not much interesting here beyond the return of someone else from Platform One, The Face of Boe, as the majority of the second half of the episode revolves around everyone running from the horde of tank-born zombie humans who long to be held but whose every touch is death.

In typical Whovian fashion, The Doctor simply mixes every cure held in the hospital and turns on the disinfecting elevator's shower setting and clears up one small batch... who then proceed to cure the rest of the zombies in an reversal of their original attack, touch.


Dr Who is so... freaking... stupid.

What could be an intensely interesting morality play is glazed over in thirty seconds of The Doctor shouting, Cassandra mincing, and the Cat-Nun's hissing. Honestly, its pathetic that the majority of Dr Who episodes are just him and his companion running about, narrowly avoiding being killed (convenient, that) until enough airtime has passed for 9 or 10 or 11 to break out the MacGuffin and save the world.

Even when they're given the opportunity to do something interesting (like have Cassandra create her own time paradox by stealing her own body), they waste the opportunity and briefly (so VERY briefly) humanize her in the stupidest of fashions.

I mean, really? Cassandra spends the whole episode jumping from body to body with no real consequence other than The Doctor getting terse (that is, when she's not hijacking him), but suddenly grows a conscience when her devoted retainer is no longer a viable option?

Double-u, tee, eff.

I really, really need to start getting drunk for this. At least, the next time I see New Earth, there will be talking kittens.

I think.

It's funny. My last Dr Who mantra was "just gotta wait till Tennant, just gotta wait till Tennant." Now I've switched to "just gotta make it to River, just gotta make it to River."

Only way I'll survive, I suppose.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~


  1. I feel like you just aren't watching the right episodes! Watch these: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Blink, Silence of the Library/Forest of the Dead, The Eleventh Hour, and Vincent and the Doctor! Then I guarantee you'll become a Whovian, no matter how much you protest!

  2. I'll take that challenge, Katie~

    Don't worry, I'm not giving up. I just need to take breaks. 8P

    Thanks for reading!