Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day Three Hundred and Twenty - Chuck: Season 1, Episode 10, "Black Friday Blues"

Perhaps I should've saved this episode for next week, but I can't help but stumble onto holiday episodes when I binge watch, and this one was seen fortuitously close to the holiday it's supposed to cover, so... what the heck.

It's a CHUCK Family Thanksgiving!

To catch folks up since the last episode I blogged about was the pilot, Chuck Bartowski was entrusted with a super-MacGuffiny bit of fake technology, a computer program that downloads itself into his head thanks to his old rival, a CIA Agent named Bryce Larkin, who was thought to be dead for the past nine episodes or so, but shows up completely recovered and ready to screw things up. This is especially true since Sarah used to be together with Bryce, but was kissing Chuck (finally!) during the last few ticks of a supposed bomb they were unable to defuse and were thusly doomed, making it okay to bring out the tongue.


Anyways, THIS episode features Bryce trying to reinsert himself both in Sarah's love life and Chuck's spy life as he is hunted by a secret evil CIA faction called Fulcrum. Meanwhile, Morgan and Anna are dealing with her jealousy issues at Thanksgiving dinner concerning Ellie. Oh, and Chuck catches Bryce and Sarah snogging at dinner the day before a giant Black Friday shootout at the Buy More, which leaves the episode on a cliffhanger of whether she will chase after her old flame or stick with the new.


CHUCK is and always shall be cheese, but it's fun cheese, scratching my lonely gamer geek wish-fulfillment urges. Even the perpetual, back-stabbing losers of the cast, Lester and Jeff, manage to live full and happy lives at their dead end retail jobs!

It's weird that it just openly acknowledges that we live as sheep in a wide, conspiracy driven world where we are saved from disaster only through luck and perseverance from dedicated hotties (Yvonne Strahovski) and gruff John Wayne types (Adam Baldwin) and there are always bigger, more secretive nefarious organizations to thwart. Maybe that fact makes it easier for real life New World Order conspiracies to keep us as content consumers, but you can't prove it... and maybe that's the point. Scary thought.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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