Saturday, March 30, 2013

Leaving the Queue: Goodbye, So Long...

It always annoys me when a movie that I really want to watch (just not right at this moment) gets the dreaded "Red Date of Departure." Usually it's something that I can live without. Well, it's always something that I can live without, but it's still a shame to me that these licenses do sometimes expire.

Sometimes they come back when their catalog is renegotiated, but you're never sure if and when that will happen.

In order to combat my ennui from losing access to some of these titles, here are a brief few that are sitting in my queue for one more day. Hopefully, by giving them wordcount, I can stave off those depressed feelings as I countdown the moments until they are gone.

Code 46

This one really bugs me. I've wanted to watch it for quite some time, but I've just never been in the right mood.

Set in a dystopian near future, Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton headline as star-crossed lovers embroiled in a scandal over genetics, memory, and health care. At least, that's what I've been able to glean from the description.

I really love doomed future love stories like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and such. I'm going to try and fit it in before it's time expires, but I can't guarantee it.


I always try and make make a point of watching animated titles before they drop off the wire. This one, I don't know if I can. Just the idea about taking care of your dead porn star sister's daughter is both intriguing and off-putting.

To be honest, I don't know if I can handle any soul crushing right now, so it may slide off the queue with little mourning on my part, but the art on the cover does look appealing.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving and I'm feeling less than optimistic at the moment.


Aw, now this is a shame.

Any gamer worth his salt has seen Peter MacNichol face the dragon with his ridiculous spear and find true love with the blacksmith's hidden daughter.

This is one of my favorite fantasy movies of all time, even despite its lackluster 80's special effects. It just has that right amount of Dark Ages grit and grime coupled with eminently believable courage through fear and corrupt bastions of authority.

Life is dim, smoke-filled, and unfair in Dragonslayer and that's just the way I like it. Seeing it leave the queue makes be sad on several levels. While I love him dearly for his work in Radioland Murders and Ghostbusters 2 (where most folks know him from), Dragonslayer will always be my favorite Peter MacNicol film.

The Warriors

Another cult fave, The Warriors is one of those movies that appeals both for its weird camaraderie and its surreal sense of youth culture.

I mean, seriously... the sheer creativity and imagination that went into the variety of gangs is both laughably ridiculous and oddly awesome at the same time.

C'mon, a Mime gang? Who would possibly not want to see that?

Combine that with some of the most iconic cheese lines in existence ("Caaaan yooooouuu  diiiiggg iiitttttttttt?" and "Waaaaaariorrrrrrrs, come out to plAAAAaaayyyiyyy!") and a smokey-voiced DJ passing notes to both the gangs and the audience via her late night radio show and I cannot believe more people haven't seen this film.

I remember catching it once a year on TNT. Nowadays, I thought I'd have forever since it's in the queue. Well, sadly, not for long.


No real loss here other than John Turturro's comic brilliance as the butler. Seriously, while there are worse Adam Sandler movies, there are certainly better ones.

I wish I could say more positive things about it, but it's your typical Happy Madison film filled with a few one-timers (like Turturro and Ryder) and his regular stable of friends who need work.
You're MUCH better off with the original which starred Gary Cooper and was directed by Frank Capra.

And those are the titles that are leaving my queue as of April 1st, 2013. Maybe they'll be reupped at some point in the future, but you never know. The two I haven't seen, I will try and catch between the time of writing and midnight on the 1st. The two I love dearly? Well, I'll just have to get them on disc or in the cloud at some point. Sadly, they're great films but I just can't justify purchasing them at list price.

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