Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Two Hundred and Thirteen - Numb3rs: Season 2, Episode 6, "I wasn't going to watch this, but..."

...with Scott Cohen's 10th Kingdom Leaving the Queue, I kinda felt the need to binge on his work lately.

The man gets around. He had a major role on Gilmore Girls for several seasons, as well as recurring roles on NYPD Blue, Law&Order, and bit parts in Castle, CSI, etc.. He's a solid character actor who can do rogue cops pretty well.

As such, he showed up in this episode of Numb3rs as a Homeland Security agent who acts as a gobetween for his pompous boss (played by John Heard) and Don, et al.

Like most Numb3rs episodes, the mystery is boring and the math isn't as interesting as it could be, still just a gimmick to pull Charlie and Larry into explaining concepts using layman's metaphors to the meatheads at the FBI (which should be ironic, considering the educational requirements of the FBI)... personified most often by former soldier Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno) who is a new addition this season.

No, what's interesting to me about this episode, aside from the bit part for Scott Cohen, is the past being dredged up when one of Charlie's high school crushes borrows the family house (now Charlie's house since he bought it off his father last season) for her wedding. It seems, way back in the day, she was his lab partner... in the same class with Don as Charlie skipped quite a few grades and they graduated together.

The rivalry was tense enough that apparently they had a wrestling match over who would get to take her to the prom, Don being the more physically fit as an eighteen-year-old, obviously won.

This bit of a grudge between them from yesteryear really pulled at my heartstrings because I, too, had a very uncomfortable high school life. Sure, I wasn't a 13 year old senior, but I could definitely relate to being the outsider that Charlie certainly was and feeling the angst and resentment that he apparently did.

Of course, since they're on such better terms nowadays, they easily get over it while reminiscing over old yearbooks and lasagne (which has a hilarious headshot of David Krumholtz from what looks to be his 10 Things I Hate About You era), but it made the episode worth watching to me.

Overall, it's all just your standard procedural fare, but it's easy enough to watch and still not as annoying as BONES. I just wish that Gilmore Girls was streaming so that I could've gotten my Cohen fix that way, instead.

Until tomorrow, Potatoes~

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